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About Luminous Radio
The Luminous Radio is a non-profit lay apostolate and is purely listener supported. Without it we would be rarely seen among the communities. Our Purpose is to share the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Faith through a radio ministry. Oftentimes its just a click on this radio link, while surfing through the world of internet, that could take you a step closer to the faith which we cherish to see imbibed in one and all.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to save souls by teaching the truths and traditions of the Catholic faith. The aura of the beliefs for which the church stands, epitomise its thousand years of existence and  pursues to draw more souls to the right path to eternity. We aim to extend a helping hand, though small, in making this work by reaching out to every door possible.

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Community Service

The most important service we provide the community is the changing of people’s lives by bringing them closer to God through Catholic Radio. For there is no profit in gaining the whole world and losing ones soul. This hard core bargain is what sustains our continuous efforts of mortification in this era of materialism. What else could be the best community service than allowing the souls to recoup their resources of spirituality lost in the midst of this noisy wild.

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We take the responsibility of broadcasting the Catholic Faith very seriously. When we have 100’s of English catholic Radio stations, we hardly find any in our regional languages like Malayalam, HIndi, Tamil. We stick to the Catechism of the Catholic Church as the boundaries of our Faith. The underlying purpose of our programming is evangilization and catechesis. Many Catholics desire a greater understanding of the Faith. All of us are in need of conversion. Our hope is to help motivate our listeners to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

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